Special Events

This is the special landing page for any and all questions for this year's THANKSGIVING MEAL DRIVE for the Department of Children and Family Services! 

We will be collecting meals between now and November 27! 

Here are the items needed:

$15 Gift Certificate for a 10-15 lb. turkey

2 boxes of stuffing mix

1 box of instant mashed potatoes

2 cans of gravy

3 cans of green beans

3 cans of corn

2 muffin/cornbread mix

1 can of cranberry sauce

2 cans of yams

3 cans of fruit

1 dessert mix (brownies, cookie mix, or cake mix/icing)

1 chicken broth

1 disposable turkey roasting pan

Last year, DCFS mentioned that there was expired food donated. Please check and make sure there is not expired food in the Thanksgiving Meal Kits given to these amazing families! 


Bring items in a box.

Leave roasting pans outside of box

Leave gift card inside of box along food items

Bring food box with roasting pan to the Life Groups Area during the weekend!

*You can bring food box with roasting pan to our main office during the week! | Office open Monday through Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm