Special Events


We have online Life Groups that meet via Zoom! 

Due to Covid-19, all of our Life Groups have moved to meeting on through an online platform.

One way we're providing group & community life is through Zoom! 

The groups below meet in the "main Zoom room" and then break up into "smaller rooms" through Zoom!

Check out the images below for a time that works best for you!

Then, email the name under the picture for the group you want to join and he or she will get in contact with you!

If you have any questions, please email lifegroups@shepherdchurch.com!


1 Brian.jpg     5 Brian.jpg

Email Brian at brian@shepherdchurch.com to get into one of these group! 

2 Victor.jpg     6 Victor.jpg

Email Victor at vpena@shepherdchurch.com to get into one of these group! 

3 Lori.jpg

Email Lori at llewis@shepherdchurch.com to get into this group! 

4 Abe.jpg     7 Abe.jpg

Email Abe at abe@shepherdchurch.com to get into one of these group!